Document Requirements for Taiwan eVisa

After finishing all Document Requirements mentioned below, please send us through our email: expert@taiwanvisagov.com

The required documents and information are different for single-entry and multiple-entry Taiwan eVisa.

► Taiwan eVisa for Multiple entries

Taiwan eVisa for multiple entries is only available for 6 countries: Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam. Applicants need to have a regular passport, a return/onward ticket and an additional required document.

  • Passport: applicants must have a regular passport and need to send us the passport number.
  • Return/onward ticket: The ticket could be air or ferry ticket and you only need to send us the number of your flight or ferry.
  • Additional required document: You need to provide us the number of one of the following documents issued by the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, or any European or Schengen country:
    - Valid resident or permanent resident card;
    - Valid entry visa (a paper copy of an electronic visa is also accepted);
    - Resident card or visa that has expired less than 10 years prior to the date of arrival in Taiwan. The time between the expiry date of the expired Resident card or visa and the date of arrival in Taiwan must not be longer than 10 years. In case there is no expiry date or validity period on the required document, the time between the issuing date of the required document and the date of arrival in Taiwan must not be longer than 10 years.

► Taiwan eVisa for Single entry

Applicants from other countries can apply for Taiwan eVisa for Single entry and need to provide the following document and information:

1. The Scan of Bio-page of the Passport

The eVisa application requires the applicants to upload the scanned Bio-Page of the Passport (valid within more than 6 months balance at the time of entry):

Show your biographical data (name, country of birth, date of birth, passport number, expiration date, etc...)


2. The e-Code

Everyone has to provide an e-Code to apply for Taiwan eVisa, except from nationals of the following countries: Bahrain, Burkina Faso, Colombia, Dominica, Ecuador, Eswatini, Kiribati, Kuwait, Mauritius, Montenegro, Oman, Panama, Peru, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Solomon Islands, Turkey, and United Arab Emirates. This e-Code is usually provided by Taiwan organizations or persons who invite travelers to visit Taiwan.

Moreover, it is advised that travelers should prepare a return/onward ticket confirmation, hotel reservation booking and travel itinerary since travelers may be asked to provide those documents when applying for Taiwan eVisa and before entering Taiwan.


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