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Taiwan is a beautiful place where many international travelers want to visit. However, getting Taiwan Visa, even Taiwan eVisa (Electronic Visa), is rather difficult, complicated and time-wasting. Therefore, our website was created to help all of you apply for Taiwan eVisa easier and faster.

The required documents and information are different for single-entry and multiple-entry Taiwan eVisa.

For applicants’ benefits, we also offer attractive discounts for group applicants, which is especially suitable for trips of families, companies or friend reunions. Find out how much you can get a discount with our discount packages below.

Taiwan eVisa will not only save your time and money but also make your trip more comfortable. Today, applying Taiwan Visa online is the most common and convenient method in the world.

Please take the standard photo of your passport as following easy steps


Our professional service center for your eVisa is open all the time in order to help you get your eVisa whenever you want.

Rush Taiwan eVisa can be easily obtained completely online by all eligible foreigners through the following easy steps:

Please take the standard photo of your Credit/Debit Card as following easy steps