Antigua and Barbuda

1. Check Requirement

Taiwan eVisa for Antigua and Barbuda nationals is REQUIRED.

Antigua and Barbuda nationals can apply Taiwan eVisa for such purposes as business and attending international conferences or sporting events.

To apply for Taiwan eVisa, Antigua and Barbudanationals have to have an e-Code, which is usually provided by Taiwan organizations or persons who send invitations to visit Taiwan. Besides, it is advised that you should prepare a return/onward ticket confirmation, hotel reservation booking and travel itinerary since you may be asked to provide those documents when applying for Taiwan eVisa and before entering Taiwan.

2. How To Apply Taiwanese Online eVisa For Antigua and Barbuda Citizens

Taiwan eVisa is one kind of Taiwanese Visa applied completely online through our website.

Besides, you can also contact and apply at the Taiwanese Embassy in Antigua and Barbuda

3. Taiwan eVisa Fee For Antigua and Barbuda Citizens

With our professional service, there are two (02) parts of visa fees such as service Fee and Government fee.

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